Body Health Analyzer Home Edition (Up to 6 Users)


Comes with:

  • Medical-Grade Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) Finger Sensor
  • Body Health Analyzer Software Home Edition
  • Breathwork Anti-Stress Biofeedback Training Program
Available in English. French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese language options are coming soon.

Home users may benefit from using this product if they have various chronic health conditions when the autonomic nervous system is directly or indirectly involved in the pathogenesis of their conditions. The health assessment data gives them a picture of how much their body is affected by stress, what is their overall health state and how much reserves their body has to manage the body homeostasis. Compared to the normal ranges, test readings indicate how significantly the autonomic function is affected. By tracking test metrics from test to test over time they may see whether the given treatment options the work well enough.

Healthy individuals may use the product to track their health metrics to see if their current lifestyle may have any possible adverse effect on health. Besides, they may use it to monitor for the early signs of possible health changes when no symptoms show up yet.

Using breathwork training options regularly may help in reducing stress and improving the treatment of the existing health conditions.

Healthy individuals will benefit from regular use of breathwork training as well. Doing 5-min breathwork 2-3 times a day will help to fend off many stress-induced health problems.

Body Health Analyzer Home Edition* comes with:

* This is a downloadable product. You will get the download link after purchase.
** Requires Windows 10 32/64
*** Requires a Bluetooth enabled windows tablet, laptop, or computer

  • Medical-Grade Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) Finger Sensor
  • BHA Home Edition software for Windows 10
  • Breathwork Anti-Stress Biofeedback Training Program

BHA Home Edition software features:

5-min HRV-based health assessment test providing the following metrics:

  • Stress Index
  • Autonomic Balance
  • Resting HR
  • HRV Index
  • Vagal Index
  • Adaptation Effort
  • Adaptation Reserve
  • Health State Index
  • SpO2

Manually registered metrics:

  • Blood pressure (measured automatically with an optional BP monitor)
  • Weight
  • Height
  • BMI

Breathwork training module providing the following metrics and features:

  • Biological Age
  • Aging Speed
  • Resonance
  • Training Focus
  • HR Variation
  • Four preset breath guides: Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia, Square Yoga, Zen 4-7-8, Deep Breathing
  • Auditory pacing with a musical instrument scale
  • Breathwork training with imported audio tracks (it could be your favorite music, meditation tracks or self-help speech). We highly recommend you consider…

Additional Features:

  • Local database storage with unlimited recorded data for up to 6 individual profiles
  • Comprehensive health test / breathwork training reports
  • Configurable 2-metric history charts
  • Report printing to PDF
  • Meets key HIPAA requirements: encrypted data storage, strong passwords, regular password changes


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