How To Use the Body Health Analyzer


How to take a Body Health Analyzer Health State Test.

The Body Health Analyzer provides a testing tool for quick health assessment based on short-term heart rate variability analysis. During this test, you will record the client’s heart rhythm for 5 minutes using a special wireless finger sensor. The software will process a captured pulse signal to measure heartbeat intervals and then run a special HRV analysis algorithm. The results of this test will provide a Stress summary and Health State summary.

Body Health Analyzer Health State Report

STRESS INDEX – provides an estimation of stress levels.  AUTONOMIC BALANCE – provides an estimation of functional balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.  RESTING HEART RATE – an average heart rate reading taken at rest. HRV INDEX – provides an estimation of the overall activity of the autonomic nervous system. VAGAL INDEX – provides an estimation of the tone of the Vagus nerve which predominantly represents the function of the parasympathetic nervous system.  ADAPTATION EFFORT – provides an estimation of the intensity of activity of bodily functions adapting to adverse changes inside and outside of the body to maintain its homeostasis. ADAPTATION RESERVE – provides an estimation of the amount of body’s resources available in the body’s efforts to restore its homeostasis.  HEALTH STAGE INDEX – provides an estimation of the process of disease development passing several stages from the normal condition to an evident pathology.  SpO2 – indicates how well your body is supplied with oxygen.

Breathwork Training Sessions

The Body Health Analyzer has means for lowering stress using a biofeedback training method. It is an excellent tool for consumers to do their Breathwork training at home or at work to relieve a daily stress load and improve overall health. BHA comes with 4 preset Breathwork techniques that are all adjustable: Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia or RSA for short, Square Yoga, Zen 4-7-8, and Deep Breathing which are the favorite tools of therapists for stress reduction. The program is available in all Body Health Analyzer software editions. Our Breathwork training provides various kinds of breath works which play a key role in many kinds of professional practices such as medical doctors, therapists, personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, chiropractors, and many others. It gives valuable objective results showing the effects of breathwork on the body’s function and helps to track their history.

Breathwork Training Reports

The BHA Breathwork training program provides the following output metrics: RESONANCE – indicates how well the body responded to deep paced breathing providing stress reduction effect. This metric is continuously captured and indicated during a training session providing a feedback loop. An averaged level of this score is provided at the end of the training. The higher levels of the score indicate better stress-reducing effects of training.  TRAINING FOCUS – indicates the ability to maintain the best possible level of training score during a training session. High focus indicates that a trainee took the best efforts in achieving the best training results.  HR VARIATION – indicates how much heart rate varied under the effect of deep slow breathing. Higher values of HR variation indicate that baroreflex function works well. Baroreflex is a key physiological mechanism aimed to provide quick cardiovascular adaptation to maintain a stable blood supply to the brain.

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