All devices in our HeartSensor product line are available for OEM clients and can be successfully used for many applications utilizing heart rhythm evaluation. Each device has technical and functional characteristics suitable for specific applications.

Convenient Non-obtrusive Solutions

Pulse wave sensors based on photoplethysmograph (PPG) technology are very convenient in use. Unlike ECG they do not require establishing reliable electrical contact with human body. They are easily and quickly hooked up. However these sensors usually require limiting body movements to avoid signal disturbances.

We recommend HRS-06UF or HRS-07UE pulse wave sensors depending on preferences of specific types of placement (finger or earlobe).

Inexpensive Heart Rate Monitors

USB sensors are plug-and-play and very inexpensive devices. They can be used for physiological monitoring, to assess and manage stress and many more at work or home. HRS-06UF is especially suitable for women having long nails. It can be easily placed on finger from either side unlike ear-clips usually requiring taking off earrings. These sensors are recommended for quick and frequent daily measurements.

HRS-07UE is particularly recommended for longer measurements during sophisticated tests, biofeedback trainings and long-term heart rhythm monitoring. Its earlobe placement makes it very convenient for applications requiring hands-free operations.

OEM Product Customization

If you are interested in any of our existing devices but would like to make some modifications in functionality or design, we are happy to do it for you. You will receive your devices according to your customized specifications.

Send us your detailed technical and functional requirements to We will contact you shortly to discuss your specifications and terms of your business.

We are happy to develop any device for you according to your original specifications to fulfill your business needs and manufacture them for you in any quantities. This could be sensors for any physical measurements, multi-modality physiological measurement devices, physiological monitors or even computer-aided systems for comprehensive data acquisition and analysis.

Stress Training Module

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