Body Health Analyzer Professional Edition


Available in English. French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese language options are coming soon.

Available with and without a Windows 10 tablet and a wireless BP monitor. See our Shop for options.

Body Health Analyzer Professional Edition comes with:

  • Bluetooth pulse oximeter (SpO2) finger sensor
  • BHA Professional Edition software for Windows 10
  • Breathwork Anti-Stress Biofeedback Training Program
  • Optional Windows 10 tablet with a detachable keyboard and case, with preinstalled BHA software

BHA Professional Edition features:

5 min HRV-based health assessment test providing metrics:

  • Stress Index
  • Autonomic Balance
  • Resting HR
  • HRV Index
  • Vagal Index
  • Adaptation Effort
  • Adaptation Reserve
  • Health State Index
  • SpO2 Levels

Manually registered metrics:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Height
  • BMI

Breath paced HRV biofeedback training providing metrics:

  • Resonance
  • Training Focus
  • HR Variation
  • Unlimited number of breath guides including presets: Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia, Square Yoga, Zen 4-7-8, Deep Breathing
  • Auditory pacing with a musical instrument scale
  • Breathwork training with imported audio tracks (it could be your favorite music, meditation tracks or self-help speech). We highly recommend you consider Entrance meditation and Self-Help tracks. You can even download and try Enhance tracks for free here: Free Tracks

Additional Features:

  • Comprehensive health test / breathwork training reports
  • Configurable 2-metric history charts
  • Report printing to PDF and local printers
  • Exporting test and training data to Excel files
  • Meets key HIPAA requirements: encrypted data storage, strong passwords, regular password changes

Potential use cases: Professional health caregivers providing various kinds of treatment to their patients when autonomic nervous system is directly or indirectly involved in pathogenesis of their conditions may benefit from using this product. The product health assessment test data gives insight in the state of the patient’s autonomic function affected by their health condition. Compared to normal ranges, test readings indicate how significantly the autonomic function is affected. By tracking test metrics from test to test over the course of treatment may indicate whether this treatment is effective with regard to improvement of the autonomic function.

Stress plays a big role in the flow of many health conditions. Chronic elevated stress may exacerbate symptoms and/or decrease the effectiveness of treatment means. When stressed the patient is out of autonomic balance, exhibits decreased HRV index, elevated stress index, and elevated resting heart rate. Regular health assessment tests may help in evaluating chronic stress and its influence on treatment outcome.

Using HRV biofeedback training on a regular basis may help in reducing stress and thus improving treatment of primary health conditions.

Stress management plays a significant role in reducing long-lasting stress and its negative effects on health. Stress management professionals having private practices or providing services to corporate employees will benefit from using HRV biofeedback training on a regular basis and periodic health assessment testing to monitor stress levels and improve overall health in served clientele.

Similar to corporate stress management and health assessment, this product may be used in schools to teach students to reduce stress and thus improve their learning process, which is known to be significantly impaired by stress.





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