Body Health Analyzer Clinical Test Requirements



The following requirements are applied for repeated testing protocols when day-to-day test result comparisons are important:

  1. Avoid caffeine drinks for 2 hours before testing.
  2. Avoid big meals for 4 hours before testing (very small snack is OK).
  3. Avoid any alcohol for 12 hours before testing.
  4. Avoid considerable psycho-emotional events (both positive and negatives) for 1 hour before testing.
  5. Avoid exercise for 4 hours before testing.
  6. Significant night sleep disturbance before testing suggests to reschedule a test.
  7. Significant physical over-training on the day before testing suggests to reschedule a test.
  8. Temporary sickness (e.g. cold or flu) suggests to reschedule a test.

Testing can be performed when any of the above events occur with proper notes done to view the effects of these events on test results.

The following reasons are subject to exclusion from testing:

  1. Taking medication affecting heart rhythm (e.g. beta-blockers)
  2. Implanted cardio stimulator
  3. Heart transplant
  4. Implanted vagus stimulator

These factors make test results non-interpretative.

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